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To all new recruits:

Please make an account on this website and then wait for an admin to accept it, they will do it as soon as they can! You will then need to make a profile after signing in. Please post in the guestbook or the 'Join Us' forum, your application to join the (212th) Clan. Please state if you have xfire, skype and/or teamspeak 3. 
Downloads are listed below:

Attention, no more Tunngle!!! 

Want an easy, 'no fuss' way of playing swbf? Your answer is gamermaster! You can easily play swbf multi-player by simply downloading a new .exe file. Takes only minutes.
For details click here

There are numerous servers and activity is continually increasing, if you haven't played for awhile this is an easy way to come back :)

Battle schedule


Attacking clan: En'Ten
Defending clan: [FC]
Planet: Utapau: Sinkhole
Date: Saturday
Time (EST): 2 pm | 8 Berlin time
Attacker era/side: CW/Clones
Server Location: EU

Attacking clan: [FC]
Defending clan: Enten
Planet: Jedi Temple
Date/Time: Saturday 3PM EST | 9PM Berlin
Server: Chicago

Attacking clan:  [FC]
Defending clan: Enten
Planet: Dantooine
Date/Time: Saturday 4PM EST | 10PM Berlin
Server: Chicago

Attacking clan: En'Ten
Defending clan: {YAK}
Planet: Rhen Var
Date: Saturday
Time (EST): 5 pm | 11 pm Berlin time
Attacker era/side: GCW/Empire
Server Location: EU

There is an updated map pack for the ICW5 which must be downloaded! :
And the rules:
Click here

News Flash: 

No more Tunngle! See link: clicky

We now have our own teamspeak channel -> Thanks to Harry!

The adress is:

As a back up, we can use the PLA teamspeak channel:

IP -

The passwords are in the forums.