Old 212 Attack Battalion

Former websites: www.212th.de,  http://212-clan.webs.com/news.htmhttp://212th.spruz.com/http://212tournament.webs.com/.

"212 was created by Joey in Winter 2009.  There were very dark times, and we did not have many members.  Joey was very active, and hosted many recruiting servers, but all the members he recruited never showed up again.  Then he got in to a war with {SNIPE} and 212 made an alliance with many other small clans to destroy {SNIPE}.  Then he recruited Crazy, and Medic.  He played very much Battlefront and recruited together with: (212)-Co-Ldr. Crazy and Cpt. Medic. But medic left the clan and the 212 clan was dark and dusty. But then he saw a [OOC]member who wanted to join 212. And that was [OOC]A7X---(212)Leader.Bly) Next day he got promoted to Lt. He recruited many. And thats why 212 have so many members today. If A7X (Bly) didnt join 212 noone of u would be here. So then A7x played and recruited and together with Barbri (backub) they recruited over 30-40 members. And sooner when Barbri got Sgt he changed name to Backup. So then 212 entered the GGW (great glactic war) 4. 212 lost all mathes cause we didnt train and wasnt online. But we won one battle thx to Backup.

After this (212)Spc.Lando got recruited by A7x and got promoted a month later to cpt :-) . So we remember a lot of things that have happened to 212 and in 212. When a7x got the cmdr rank he changed name to Bly who is the Leader today. And then we got 1AD who is one of our best players. And we got new and very much new members. But then cody began to play >Republic Commando and wasnt much in 212. Sooner he left 212 and started a new clan called -]TM[-. And then Cpt. Lando got Leader. An the TM clan didnt go so well and Backup, Bly and 1ad joined the clan but quickley saw it doesnt works. So they joined 212 and got higher ranks. Bly got Co.Ldr, Backup got Major and 1ad cmdr. Sooner Bly got the Leader rank. And we got Battalions. And then Joey joined the clan again as General. We are having many Clanbattles vs other clans. This was the story of 212. More things comes every month.

*Lando was recruited by bly. Lando came from {EI}Clan and was there {EI}Cpt.tiam. Then he changed in 212th and start with the rank Spc. Lando recrutes a lot of the headleader of 212th and is now leader and sponsor of our server.

The past of 212 was dark but not always.....i will begin at the very birth of 212.

Many years ago in i believe it to be either 2004, 2005 or 2006 was when 212 was born by a man who was inspired by the star wars legacy who; in his support of star wars was a great fan of the 212 battalion. On this day the first members of 212 were recruited by the old leader and the fan of 212, 212-Ldr-cody, not the head leader cody we know today though. then a few months after 212's creation i bought the game battlefront and was recruited by 212-Gen-adamus who is the adamus we know to be on our website. I admit that 212 did not have very many members but we were strong and brave hearted all the same. in a shining summer for 212 we made our first alliance with MuHu, a clan now to be thought desolved and gone. They were a very, very large clan of about 30-40 members because you would never find a server without a MuHu member in it. Then we entered our first ever clan battle and i believe we won(with the help of MuHu). the clan we fought against were the clan spys and after we beat them they came to seek revenge on 212 and MuHu then... the dark days started.

When tthe dark days started practically every clan started to crumble away into the history books, become forgotten and unwanted. The 212th were still standing but were falling to there knees in the lose of there old leader cody and, at that point many of our members left to find a new, more powerful clan that was perfectly fine in these horrific times, but alas there were none. Every single clan there was, and ever were had been efected my this plague of clan sabotuers. Those who left there clan soon stopped playing battlefront equeling in a massive drop of popularaty of battlefront and a massive rise of the evil clan who destroyed over 15 clans and were destroying eveen more every moment of every day. No clan was safe, no clan existed. although 212 was still alive there were barely any members now, as far as i can remember there was me, adamus who about 7 months after the dark days left 212 and metalhead. Both were my best 212 friends who suddenly disapeared. In this act i decided to be a tougher, more positive troop to 212. I recruited a few members, I remember one called rocket he was a rank that 212 no longer have: Gunner, these people specilized in turret warfare but in the end, about three months before i found the new 212th, I lost contact with him, he just disapeared. Then i descovered some 212th members playing on an endor map and when i joined that match they were shocked to see me baring the rank of leader and they explained what was happining and then i was recruited by lando and i became a corporal, at this point it was 3 years after the dark days then, well the spy clan died and you know the rest after i got recruited."

From one of 212's past websites: http://212-clan.webs.com/

Written by an unkown member. Most likely thought to be Cody or Joey

The Lando/Raptor and German Era

Lando is one of the greatest leader 212 will ever see. -Arrow

Lando was one of 212's earliest members. He was German. He spoke both German and English. After Cody and Joey went Inactive Lando recruited lots and lots of members. Anyone that can into his server he would try and recruit xD. Lando was a funny and happy man. He wasn't the best of skill but he did not care, he had fun while playing and that is what counts! Lando was notorious for getting on Skype and Ts3 while he was drunk and playing. Lando was also pretty old around 30s. Raptor was Lando's buddy. Raptor  was more serious than Lando. His English was very bad, so he only talked to German members of the clan (At this time 212 was international, having members in Germany, America, Great Britain, Romania, and Russia.) Raptor was in his 40s. Lando and Raptor made a great team. They were the first to start doing Leaders meeting and starting awarding "medals" which were pictures that you put on your profile picture. Look at: http://www.212th.spruz.com/members.htm?cachecommand=bypass&pageindex=5

You can see Bronko, Raptor, Bob, Arrow, and Adamus with them. They also started clan events like clanhour, clanight, sir rocket, sir sniper, instead of just fun wars. We also had squad events for a little while. Even though Lando and Raptor had disagreements 212 turned out amazing!

Recently, in November 2012, swbf has had a major change. The gamespy server was taken down therefore people could not play swbf aside from DC (direct connection) and single player. Starwars Battlefront was not at it's "prime" with numbers of only 20 in a server compared to the 40/50+ during the first 5 years of it's release. So the loss of the gamespy servers did not help at all. Then there was the discovery of tunngle which supported swbf servers. Immediatley, al the major clans that were still around; including 212, FC and PLA switched to it. We kept in touch mainly with xfire and swbfgamers. The servers were barely ever used. Mostly just when a few people were online they would all join a server for a bit but that was it. Fun wars were hard to arrange due to the lack of players. Gradually tunngle was spread through clan websites and youtube with videos. Players started coming back helping repair the community. But even so the community will never be the same :(. 212 is one of the 6 remaining "active clans" on tunngle. PLA, FC, FA, 1.0 and ALPHA. Tcf is still sort of around but is very "inactive".

212 Bios

Arrow- It had to been about 2009/2010 when I got SWBF for Christmas. It was really late at night and I had only had the game for about 2 weeks so I was very bad. Unknownly I went into Lando's server (Before we had dedicated servers) I went in there with my trooper and saw Lando and Raptor just standing there. I ki lled them both. Lando asked me if I wanted to join 212. I was surprised because I never been apart of a clan before. I said yes and he told me to go to the website and sign up. I did. I became addicted to the clan. I love the members. They were mostly German but they knew English. I was taught new things about SWBF and Germany! I was Rec. for a week then up to MCpl. only because I was very active and friendly. For the longest time I was 212's worst member, skill wise. I would always be last in clanhour. I got promoted again to Sgt. (being active and nice pays off (; ) I was one of Lando's favorite members because I was so friendly and one of the few 212 from United States. I played SWBF alot more got better. Made a youtube channel for the clan and helped where I could and one day after a leader's meeting Lando came to me and said, "Congrats dude you are new Advisor!" Out of no where I bcame Adv. I was very happy and stuck around. Months past and 212 slowly began to change members were being inactive. Raptor disappeared out of no where. Members left. Luckily Nixo recruited a bunch more. Lando and Luca wanted 212 to not only play SWBF but play other games too. I strongly disagreed with this because lots of members were leaving and playing different games would split the clan. After a few months as Adv. I was promoted to Co-Ldr. then to Leader. With the clan slowly falling apart, I remember telling Lando, "I will play SWBF until I am the only one. Well the never happened. Lucas Arts stop supporting SWBF online. I thought the game was dead. This came at a bad time too. I had just started high school and classes were increasingly harder. I had sports and my first girlfriend too ;D (in my profile picture). I was very busy I lost interest in playing. I did not want to install more things on my computer to play a game that only a handful of people play. I not spend my time on this site, playing haxball, and hanging out with friends(:

Shout outs to Norris, Nixo, Mart and Adamus for being my best clanmates through all this time!

Mart- I first got Starwars Battlefront in late November 2011, I was not real good at first, would only go to PLA and get 30-25 scores, I actually did not know that I was playing online...I thought they were just AI that spoke on chat. My first ingame name was PLAYER 1, I was too lazy to make a real name. Later I found a friend named Yoda, I liked him as a friend so he asked me what my name was, I told him I have no name, I'm just PLAYER 1, so he convinced me to get a name. I picked MARTINEZMAN, and so we created a clan named: {Usabk}. At first we recruted alot of members, I counted around 20, but we had no website, server, or xfire, etc. The only way me and the Leader communicated was through email. Later I was in Enten' server with P!lot, another {Usabk} guy, my new name was {Usabk}Cpt.Mart, he was speaking alot on chat, but then some 212 guy told him to shut up, I was only 13 then and so I got pissed and called him some words, then they asked for a "little war" and I agreed, we went to clanserver and when we spawned there were like 8 212 there, killing us, we got some hits in but not many. Then they asked for 2on2, so all of them left but Irise and Gati. They owned us hard... my team mate left because he had to go, back then I would only be rocket and Irise and Gati loved sniper, I didn't know how to snipe, I had never used it before, so we lost bad. My score was around 7-39. A couple of days later, Yoda emailed me "who is this?" I suspect it was his mom....after that he never answered me, so I think his mom will not let him play. After that I knew I could not lead a clan, so I told everyone that Yoda disbanded the clan... never saw Yoda again. I had registered on 212th.spurz website, and I asked Lando if I could join the 212 clan, he said yes, this was around December. As  a new recrute, I asked for a promotion first time I saw him in game... some other new recrute was there and he told me not to do it anymore, because they had booted him for it, so I never asked again. As a new clan mate I met many 212, among them: Arrow, Norris, Spam, Wok, Desperado, Mo, Gati, Irise, Luca, Windows, N1ntod, DirtyHarry, Ben Urland, Mike, Scope, Tales, Raptor, Lando, Bob, Starkiller, Angel, Adamus, Iceman, Bronko, Daniel, David, Yoda, Toter, Boil, Amateur 08-15, Obi Bang, Cody, Dinky, Slip, Marci, Sniper, Apollo, Hitman, Wicket, Fabi, Reaper, Furor, and Derek and others. Lando had events weekly, including: Sir Rocket, Sir Sniper, Clan Night, Clan Hour, Hard and Heavy, Mod Map Night, and Deathmach. Little did I know that many did not speak english. Lando would tell me about clan events and I would come, not say a word the whole time. I slowly progressed as a more skilled player, soon I had top scores in some clan events, each month I would get promoted, Cpl, Sgt, Lt, Cpt, Major, Col, I played almost everyday. Lando soon allowed me to play in my first war, vs 21st Century Clan. I would mostly only come to clan events... which I regret because I could had many more fun memories if I went to clanserver with them, but I spent my time elsewhere... So I lost most of my skill, by around April we moved to a new website, quite a few 212 left, including: Wok, Gati, Irise, Furor, and Starkiller. Soon the leaders were having problems and kept aruging.... Raptor left 212 and soon after Bob left too, they were both Leaders. Tales just dissapeared, Mo and Desperado became inactive. Around this time Nixo was recruted... he progressed through the ranks quick, later during one clan night, Lando asked me and Nixo if we wanted to be Advisors in the clan, joining the Leadership. We accepted, then Nixo started to recrute alot of players, he saved us from totally dying, Sushi, a former Co leader, joined 212. Around this time we joined the ICW, previously in the GGCW(something like that) before I joined, 212 had lost alot in the GGCW, we had recruted alot of guys before the ICW, including: Rats_Raws, Venik, Sammy, PURREBOY, Jr, Anime, Hond, Alex146, De7con, Kev1, Somers(who people thought was fake lol), Hero, Law, Josh02, Luigi, Tiger, Zero, M&M, Maxii, and a few others that I cannot think of right now. Later our former leader came back again, Bly, but went inactive soon again, and later left. In the ICW we started off on a roll, we won like 14 straight, then we faced FC, a skilled clan, we lost alot against them, only won 3 or 4 times, so we lost the ICW, but 212 had won more matches then it had ever won before. Soon after that, Lando begin to go inactive, and so did Arrow, Iceman and Norris became new leaders around November I think, then on November 7th gamespy took down the servers, all of us hoped that they would be back soon, but they never came back. We still had the option to play online through LAN, through programs like Tunngle and Gameranger. We lost at least 8 or 9 members because of this, either because they did not want to download tunngle, there was no way to communicate with us, or tunngle did not work for them. My tunngle did not work, so I was stuck on Gameranger, once I got a new laptop like a month later, I could play with Tunngle. Soon we joined the ICW2, we had planned on not joining another tournement, but we chose to join. This was the beginning of the 212 Tunngle era, we recruted Fizz, Stevt, Johnis, Frenchfrys, Chili, Airmaxx, Neon, Ruger, Cobra, Scaled, Nico, and Republic Commando after the ICW and during the ICW2. We did pretty good in the ICW2, just that FC loves their radar... During the tunngle era, Kishan became an enemey of ours. He would crash our servers and fake my name. He's hated me alot because I wear fake names in FC server because if I wear my real name I'll get banned... Since then we have recruted DoombotX, Poky_InVas, Eddie09, Desperatio, Sonny, and last but not least Shazam :D . In June 2013, I became leader. Right now the Leader Ship is made out of Norris, Mart, Nixo, Adamus, and Dirty Harry. There's not a day that goes by that I do not think about this clan, long live 212!        

Nixo- I started playing battlefront around 2009. After recently recieving the game as a present (I liked swbf movies very much then :D) and started playing singe player. I played for about 3 weeks gradually getting better. I started getting bored so I decided to explore the game further and discovered multiplayer. I went online with a very standard name, although I can't remember exactly. Suprisingly I found that I was not that bad at the game. I knew the basics and although I died a lot I seemed to make up for it with the kills. Then maybe a week later; just when I was getting into the game the internet cable I used broke. As I had enjoyed multiplayer so much more than single player I decided to give up battlefront. Just like that. I forgot about it. Until about 2 years later during Febuary 2012 we finally got wi-fi. Two days later I remembered about Starwars Battlefront and this new connection allowed me to play online! I played for three days in various servers. Then I joined the (212) Clan-Server. There were a number of 212 there and another one or two players that had no tag on. I was using the symbol " ; " as my name - yeah I was very imaginative. I remember it was on citadel. When I joined the teams where really unbalanced. There were already two rebels but one was (AFK). Against three or four (212). Norris and Bly were the ones I remember. *Norris, I am sorry for what I am going to write next ;)* I started playing as a reb rocket. I was having one of those days that there was no-one that you could not blow up. I was doing amazingly well. The servers then were 30 tickets and already I had around 20 kills with very few deaths. Norris on the other hand had not had such a great time ;D Then he asked me if I would like to join (212). I had never considered joining a clan before. So I was a little hesitant, but you can guess what happened from there :) I enjoyed the events in (212) and dedicated a lot of my time to attending events ect. I went up the ranks pretty fast. And then as Mart said we became advisors. 

Throughout my time in (212) I have enjoyed playing with all these great clanmates! And this is the reason why I am still here :D 

Long live 212!