212th Diplomacy

Allied Clans: 

{Alpha} - Alpha website

Flames Desire {FD} - http://flamesdesire.webs.com
SniperClan {Snp} - Sniperclan

BOB - http://swbobclan.webs.com/


 Friendly Clans:

Perfect Little Angels {PLA}  -  http://www.xfire.com/clans/perfectlittleangels/

Grand Galactic Republic {GGR}http://ggrunderground.webs.com/  

Unleashed Elemental Forces {U.E.F} - www.uef-clan.com

21st Century 21 |- http://www.centuryclan.eu/
-={1.0}=- -   https://swbfv1clan.wordpress.com/

Neutral Clans:

Army of Thunder A.T - News -A.T

Professioanls ~}PRO{~ - ~Home~ - ~}PRO{~ Clan

World's Ultimate Sniper Infantry Wusi - http://wusisky4.webs.com/

Freelancer Consortium [FC]  - http://z13.invisionfree.com/freelancerconsortium/index.php?

Alliance Federations {PFA} - Alliance federations 

American Army Training Corps =AatC=http://aatcclan.webs.com/ 

 If any clan wishes to discuss their state of dimplomacy with the 212th clan then ask a leader on xfire, skype or send them a PM.