Terms of Alliance: Alpha/212

Version 1.2                                     

Last Revision: 3/24/2013

1. Clan members of either clan are to respect each other as though they were in the same clan. Granted that each party will not have the same privileges as an actual member, they shall recognize this, respect it and accept it.
2. Members of both clans are welcome to come to events held by the opposite clan in any game, unless otherwise specified. Games that have events: Starwars Battlefront 1 and 2, Starwars Republic Commando.
3. It would be appropriate for members of both clans to be active on the opposite clans website. It is acceptable for the home clan to block private parts of their website unless an agreement is made between the home clan and the individual person.

4. While attending events, all players shall obey the hosting clans rules (or respect the lack there-of). Including behavior rules and gameplay Rules.

5. Members of either clan must respect the opposite clans top leaders as their own, especially when attending events.

For a change to be made to the document above, at least one officer from each clan must meet and discuss the terms and agree on them.


              {Alpha} Gen. GoldMan

              {212th} Leader | Norris

              {212th} Ldr | Mart